Wheelchair Ramps

Constructions of traditional ramps are not the only solution that we provide towards gaining access to the home.

Access ramps are required by most of your clients experiencing mobility challenges. It is an unfortunate fact that builders of older homes and even modern homes have not considered accessibility when designing and building homes.

By allowing the ramp to provide your client more freedom, many other health benefits are achieved due to the physical exercise that is gained outside the home. This goes a long way towards achieving a sense of well being which is a vital ingredient in a happy life.

We save you the concerns of finding different trade's people to complete different parts of the ramps. As registered builders we have the carpenters, concreters and metal workers on hand to complete the entire job. 

We can provide your clients with a gently sloped ramp that will serve them well into the future years. The type of ramp can be tailored to the client's individual needs. 

Timber wheelchair ramps with merbau deck

This combination of timber is specified by the Department of Veteran's Affairs in the construction of Wheelchair Ramps and Platform steps for Australia's war veterans. Reeded (grooved) Merbau offers excellent slip resistance, aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed durability to the elements with little or no ongoing maintenance requirements.

Timber wheelchair ramps with treated pine deck and carpet

Carpeted wheelchair Ramps are specified with the Department of Human Services and Statewide Equipment Program. The carpet is Marine grade, so it is resilient to harsh conditions and ultraviolet light. It serves to create a safe slip resistant surface. Specified to be used on the inclined section of the wheelchair ramp, there is no reason that it cannot also be added to the flat decking area for a more visually pleasing result.

Wheelchair ramps with concrete pads

The concrete pad at the base of the wheelchair ramp serves as a non-slip area at the end of the wheelchair ramp where a wheel chair can be manoeuvered easily and serves as a preventative measure against the area becoming a haven for water in the winter months. 

Wedge step ramps

For small steps measuring 10-20mm a small wedge ramp can be installed. We would use either a standard aluminium wedge or a custom made timber wedge ramp painted with slip resistant paint.

Concrete wheelchair ramps

The concrete wheelchair ramp is a very permanent, maintenence free alternative to timber ramps at much the same pricing. By utilising coloured pigments in the concrete, the wheelchair ramp may be made to blend into the surrounding environment. 

Threshold wheelchair ramps

Where a threshold step rise doesn't exceed 56mm a threshold ramps no longer than 450mm may be installed. This will represent a gradient of 1:8. We custom manufacture timber threshold ramps from strong ply wood timber and paint in a suitable slip resistant paint.

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