Cut Down Baths

More affectionately known as the Convert a Tub, conventional baths can be converted to enable them to be easily stepped into. No longer able to be used as a bath plus, the option is a very cost effective method of making the bath a safe  and accessible bathing facility in the bathroom

Made from a white fiberglass material the product is resilient and tough. 

The Convert a Tub avoids the following issues for your clients

  • Struggling with their current bathing situation
  • High risk of injury to your client
  • The cost of full bathroom modifications
  • Waiting for additional fund shortfall thus increasing the risk
  • Frustration in not being able to access the bath
  • Pains and strains from using the standard bath tub
  • Fear or nervousness whilst bathing
  • The danger of being stuck in the bath after bathing

Clients that do benefit.

Those whom:

  • Simply can not afford a full bathroom modification
  • Need something done now while they save up for a full bathroom modification
  • Do not currently have a shower but instead have the shower rose over the bath
  • May be palliative
  • Can not tolerate the disruption of the full bathroom modification
  • Are unable to lift their leg up high enough to use the bath
  • Are not confident standing in the bath while showering
  • Are happy to utilise a bath board and sit in the shower
  • Are happy to use a Myco swivel bather to sit in the bath

What are the advantages?

  • Less costly than undertaking a complete renovation. On average 1/4 of the price
  • Far less intrusive than a major bathroom modification. In most cases this can be done in 1 working day
  • Can be used after 2nd day (when glue and silicone has cured)
  • Can be used in conjunction with a bath board (with or without back-rest)
  • No sharp corners to potentially injure yourself on
  • Still allows a bath pole to be fitted to bath for save ingress and egress
  • Can also be installed into hip baths
  • Can also be installed into certain spa baths

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