An “all in one” entrance and security door. 

The award winning CombiDoor is an 'all in one' solution that combines entrance and security into one easy to use door. This door is perfect for customers who find it difficult to manage both security and timber doors when leaving home or greeting guests. Highly regarded by our senior customers, this door can also come with an automatic closer to make it even easier to navigate.

Security is kept in mind with the use of Australian Standard Stainless Steel security meshing. Intruders are kept out furthermore with the ability for the users to conversate with visitors without having to open the entire door first. These features make it safe for a home or commercial premise. CombiDoors are supplied across Australia to a number of government agencies, community groups and housing agencies making it versatile for a number of needs.

The CombiDoor can be designed to suit your home or premise with the use of these additional features:

Door sizes

The CombiDoor can be designed to fit any door size. Standard door sizes are available up to 2400mm x 1200mm and can be trimmed to particular sizes as required. Any major trimming to a particular size is best done by Combion prior to fitting the alloy components. Following this, all other minor on-site trimming may still be necessary to complete installation. The meshing is also considered for size, with eight standard grill and mesh sizes to suit all door sizes down to doors 720mm wide. Doors narrower than 720mm can be fitted with CombiDoor systems on request.


Under the alloy grill of each door three coats of paint are added including an oil-based primer, undercoat and topcoat. Two forms of under-painting are available for the doors, which include a basic and full option. ‘Basic under-painting’ extends the coat of paint beyond the alloy making it easier for a painter to complete painting of the door. The ‘full under-paint’ option is where the whole of the door is completely primed and undercoated.


Powdercoating colours

An extensive range of single powdercoating and combination colours are available. These include the Dulux and Interpon ranges, and some ColourBond* colours.  As a default, we have adopted three economical colour options for you to choose from:

  • Pearl white gloss
  • Black satin
  • Primrose gloss.

All other ‘Non-standard’ colours or combinations of colours incur a small extra cost.



Glass is 4mm thick and toughened. We have adopted the ‘Spotswood’ style (rippled surface, translucent effect) as our standard. Other types and styles are available including laminated glass and polycarbonate.

As we understand each case is different, the CombiDoor can be specified to your needs beyond what is listed above. Asking for a quote is easy - all we will need is your door size, door thickness, colours required and any other sizing or fitting needs. If you require any other special requirements or have any questions, reach out to us for a customised quote.