Bathroom Modifications

Accessible Bathrooms are very few and far between. Your clients rely on this safe accessible environment to allow them the confidence they require to remain in their own home.

Safety is paramount. By installing anti scald devices in the Accessible bathroom and combining this with easy to operate taps, we eliminate another challenging area in the Accessible bathroom.

The freedom achieved by providing your customers with a step less shower area goes a long way towards regaining their mobility and confidence that has likely to have been gradually diminished over time.

Accessible bathrooms are best designed to cater for your clients individual mobility needs. This goes well beyond the installation of a step less shower base (level entry shower area). However, this is of course a great start!

Allow us to provide you and your client some great advice to start off the process to achieving a wonderfully accessible bathroom.

Personal Independence Providers focus is offering the highest levels of service to your clients and predominantly perform that service in the clients own home. The funding of the project may be 100% self funded by the client or a combination of funding and a self funding component. Email:

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