While anti-scalding devices are vital for the safety and comfort of showering, the variations for such devices are not commonly used. At Personal Independence Providers, we use the new innovative device, the Therm-Oz, to prevent scalding during showers. The Therm-Oz provides safe showering and constant temperatures. No electrics are required and it is fully approved by the Australian standards and Australian plumbing regulations.

Therm-Oz, as a thermostatic mixing valve has a wax-filled thermostat cartridge that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe water outlet temperatures. Even if other taps or appliances are used at the same time. The valve also shuts off rapidly in the event of hot or cold supply failure to help prevent scalding or thermal shock. This provides increased safety whilst showering. The use of a thermostatic valve, rather than a manual system, gives the user comfort because the mixed water temperature remains constant.

Turning on the Therm-Oz with a single twist of the right handle allows the adjustment of flow, meanwhile, the left handle allows control of the water temperature.The temperature is set at 38°C with a safety override button, permitting the water to reach a maximum temperature of 45°C. It is available with or without slide rail, hose, and hand-shower hand piece

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What our clients say about this service

"I really needed a solution to our own 40 year old home and outdated water system.  This resulted in hot and cold water fluctuations when showering and screams emanating from the bathroom on a regular basis, when my wife or I would have to jump from either the freezing cold or roasting hot water.  I also wanted to see how well the ThermOz worked, so I could recommend to clients.  

Simply put, it is wonderful! It has reduced hot and cold fluctuations significantly, its super-easy to use, looks great and saved me a lot of money not having to upgrade my whole water-system. I will be recommending the ThermOz for my Occupational Therapy practice for client issues such as involuntary movements, poor grasp/grip, intellectual issues, arthritis, body-temperature control issues, when requiring carers to adjust temperature, the elderly or simply if I am unsure the current water-system will regulate temperature. ThermOz is a simple, easy, good looking and very cost-effective solution." - James Hunter Director – Melbourne Occupational Therapy Services.

"I love Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers very much that I installed the 2nd one in 4 months. Thanks to Therm-Oz shower, I don't have to worry about getting burnt or fluctuating in water temperature during shower.

Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers are not only beneficial for people with disabilities, but also for everyone. This is a game changer, People!"  - Margo, User of Therm-Oz

"Just installed these to replace the old standard wall taps. I am absolutely rapt with the look, the performance and the ease of use. I'm just surprised these are not as popular as they should be because they are brilliant." - Paul, User of Therm-Oz


Watch the Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower from An Occupational Therapist’s Perspective

Watch the Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower Product Training Manual