Thank you for your prompt attention with organising to install the safety rails for our dad. 

Please pass on our huge thanks to Kellie and Ted also. 

Really appreciate how efficient and professional you all were in helping us quickly. 

Ted did a fantastic job with installing the rails. Great bloke! 

Kellie was amazing and so helpful. Top customer service! 

We would highly recommend you to family and friends. 

Kerryn Falcke


I cannot thank you and your 'magnificent' team of colleagues for our amazing new bathroom and ramp. 

Brad, I still cannot believe you made this happen in such a short time, with such little notice.

All trades people were very professional and also, very understanding of our situation.

I must point out. Having Ted in our home for a week or so and working long hours to get Adrians bathroom complete for his return, was an absolute GEM, a real gentleman and a pleasure to have around the house. He was very mindful of our situation and will actually miss him being around. Thank you so much Ted.l

Adrian worked incredibly hard to have the ramp complete for Easter, as we were told by rehab, "if the ramp was complete, Adrian could come home". Easter Sunday was the best day we have had for five months and to have the family together again was amazing. I thank Adrian and Kevin for this.

As for you Brad......on behalf of Adrian, our Daughters and myself, I have not got the words to say "Thank you" enough. 

The bathroom and ramp are extremely workable for Adrian and very safe for him as well. On invoice, I will fix up the final amount immediately.
Lesley and Adrian McEntee

"Everything that had to be done was done very correctly and I had nothing to complain about as you can see by the above comments. I have a lovely new bathroom that I am proud of"
Mrs Wheat

"Brendon was an excellent builder. We are very happy with the job that you have done."
Mr & Mrs Jeffreys

"I am very happy with the workmanship"
Mrs Kearney

"Found Graeme & Ted very efficient. Ted is a real treasure, a good workman who takes pride in his work, and is very thorough and thinks through any problems and consulted me at all times"
Mrs Nelson

"It was a pleasure to have a great bunch of tradesmen looking after me. The modification of the bathroom 100%."
Mr Flenley

"Could not fault workers, very helpful and tidy. Very good!"
Mrs Shears

"Would be difficult to improve the service that we got from your contractors. Paul Durant was possibly the best tradesman we have had working here in our 40 years of residence."

Mrs Kemp

"Over the years I have never had tradesmen as polite, conscientious and proud of his work and always on time as Ted. Many Thanks."
Mrs Dodds

"We are amazed and exceedingly well satisfied by the workmen's pleasant nature, abilities and wonderful results. It is with grateful thanks that I send the cheque....."
Mr Kerr

"We were very happy with all aspects of the job and thankyou very much!"
Mrs Morgan

"Very pleased with the work done!"
Mr McLare

"This was an excellent job."
Mrs Harris

"Adrian & Chris were both very friendly, courteous & professional. They take pride in their work which was carried out efficiently in difficult weather conditions. I'm very happy with the end product. I am impressed with PIP's standards in all aspects of their work. I would have no hesitation on recommeding PIP to anyone"
Mrs Colafella

"Very professional & helpful, moved plants & did lots of little extras."
Mrs Holland

"The best workmanship, I've had many compliments on the work. Also Darren is the happiest and obliging worker."
Mrs Pickering

"An excellent job in all respects!"
Mrs Haines

"To my mind, the work was carried out with a very high degree of skill."
Mr Redmond

The guys did an amazing job of installing a bidet for one of my clients a week ago - they offered a great price in comparison to others on the market and still provided wonderful quality. They made it easy for us due to providing plumbing and electrical work too - not just the bidet like some other stores, and they were polite, professional and available - which I love! Thank you so much - you've restored an enormous amount of independence to my client :)