COVID-19 Policy

As of Monday 20th July 2020, ALL workers representing Haleberry Pty Ltd t/A Personal Independence Providers are required to wear face protection masks and practice safe distance measures until restrictions have eased.

Important information about Coronavirus – COVID-19 - Effective Immediately - 6th of August 2020

PIP remains committed to the safety and wellbeing of the all our clients that we provide services for.

All our staff and sub-contractors are following advice from the Australian Government regarding COVID -19 to ensure continuity of services.

As a provider of an essential service PIP will continue to operate and provide essential home modification services.

We have established and implemented a high-risk COVID Safe Plan Requirements for us to perform permitted work for our clients:

  • All staff will comply with the Workplace Directions outlined by the Victorian Government
  • All staff will be wearing a face covering/mask at all times when providing service for our clients.
  • All our staff and subcontractors have been supplied with a Work Permit
  • If any of our staff feel unwell or display Coronavirus symptoms they will be advised not to work and to immediately have a COVID test and will be required to self-isolate.

Further to this:

  • We are also using hand sanitiser right before putting on the gloves and as soon as we finish the session.
  • We will sterilise the appliances we have installed prior to leaving the premises
  • We are contacting all of our clients booked in for installations to discuss with them as to whether their appointment will go ahead.
  • We are assessing each client on a case by case basis as we understand and appreciate that there are risks involved from both ends.
  • We will be asking you standard questions during these conversations so please be patient with us.

Requirements for you for us to perform permitted work:

  • Please ensure you wear a face covering/mask at all times when we are providing our services.
  • Contact us immediately if you feel unwell or display Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Remember practicing good hygiene and maintaining a safe social distance are your best defense against most viruses.

Whilst we continue to do everything at our end to uphold the guidelines and advice of WHO, the Master Builders Association and the Australian Government Department of Health, we also ask our clients the following - please contact us if:


  • You have been in any of the high risk declared zones in the past month (Including but not limited to: China, Iran, Republic of Korea, Italy)
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has been travelling in those zones or are concerned you may have been in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus
  • If you have been unwell, and, in the last two weeks experienced any of the following symptoms; Fever - Sore throat - Cough - Shortness of breath - Running nose

 For further information, please visit or call the office on 1300 657 016.