Skreekaboosploosh! A large cut and 20 small cuts blossomed on consumer journalist Bob Sullivan’s body as his tempered glass shower door exploded all around him.

As he dug into the issue, it turned out that its not that uncommon for tempered glass door to shatter, whether on impact, or spontaneously. The heating process that turn glass into safety glass makes it resistant to direct impact, but also more susceptible to side impact.


The Australian Government has made a special entryway to the home and office entrance of Kubilay Genç, who is in her 80s, who had difficulty leaving her house because there is no entry way.   

Kubilay Young - Nam-i, who lives in Melbourne's Glenroy district, said that he had difficulty in entering and exiting his house before, and now he can move comfortably with the newly built ramp.

10 thousand dollars spent

Speaking to Dünya Newspaper, Cypriot Kubilay Genç said that he is grateful to the State. The Australian state has spent close to $ 10,000 just to build this ramp road, the teenager said.

"The Australian government takes very good care of us"

Saying that he had difficulty in entering and leaving the house because he had wands, Genç said, “I really thank the government. We had no complaints. They made this special road for me to make it easier for me to get in and out of the house. " Saying that his house is cleaned once a week, his grass is cut and he receives many more social services for free with the allowance provided by the state, Kubilay Genç said, 'May Allah not let the Australian state harm. They take very good care of us, 'he said.