Ceiling Hoists



How can ceiling hoists improve quality of life?

 A ceiling hoist is a lifting unit capable of transferring an individual between two locations in a simpler and safer way than otherwise possible. This is achieved through patients sitting in a sling attached to a lifting unit, which is then attached to a track on the ceiling.

Ceiling hoists have proven to be extremely effective in mitigating the musculoskeletal injuries that develop in caregivers regularly managing heavy loads. These injuries often occur through common work-related movements, such as manual lifting, transfers, and repositioning of patients.

For this reason, ceiling hoists are becoming commonplace in healthcare environments as a way to prevent debilitating physical injuries. The introduction of these devices is thus a way to successfully promote healthier work environments and lessen the injury-related absence of employees.


Our ceiling hoists

 Lyft System

The ceiling-mounted Lyft System offers unmatched freedom for transferring patients in a nursing environment. The ceiling mount of this overhead mobility aid allows floor space to remain free and uncluttered for the use of other important duties and equipment. Having this free space also ensures swifter responses in the event of an emergency. The Lyft System also offers unmatched flexibility for positioning – the overhead lift can be installed in any environment and is capable of reaching any position in a room without furniture getting in the way. With heavy lifting becoming much more convenient than before, you can expect considerable time saved for quicker, more specialised and more cost-efficient caregiving.

Roomer S

The Human Care Roomer S a portable overhead lift that allows for the seamless transfer of patients between rooms without the need to modify doorway headers. Even with this impressive flexibility the number of lifts required with the Roomer S overhead lift is minimised to help further facilitate the safety and comfort of the patient.

The Roomer S boasts a cutting-edge technology suite, including an advanced platform and a unique quick-release hanger bar offered in two different lengths. With a weight capacity of 220kg, the lift can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension.

Insights lift interface

INSIGHTS provides health professionals with valuable patient-related information wherever they’re located. INSIGHTS is implemented through the highly innovative Lift Interface System, allowing the easy-to-use web interface to be connected with ease to all Human Care overhead lifts.

The simple and intuitive INSIGHTS web interface drastically streamlines and improves safe patient handling practices to help minimise injuries, while increasing cost savings, and providing optimal asset management. INSIGHTS achieves this by facilitating access to cloud-based storage of collected data from any lifting activities that occur. This valuable information is then accessed through a computer, phone or tablet device.

Niklas Portable Freestand

The Niklas freestand has been built with portability in mind, providing a unique way to easily and safely move patients around a room and transfer them between rooms. When used in a single room, the Niklas Portable Freestand works to seamlessly lift and move patients from a bed, wheelchair, bath and shower and from the floor, while the Niklas castors can then be unlocked to enable the system to be easily moved from room to room.

The Niklas Portable Freestand is also easily adjustable without tools, making the modification of height and width settings quick and simple. Portability is enhanced even further with the optional carry bag, designed to allow fuss-free transportation of the Niklas.


Human Care offers over 22 different models of slings, each one of which is anatomically designed to ensure the maximum versatility, comfort and safety possible for patients. We understand that different healthcare situations demand specific solutions, so we’ve designed a large, flexible range with this in mind. Our slings are available in a diverse range of fabrics and we provide sizing ranging from Junior Small to XXXL bariatric to ensure your healthcare needs are comprehensively met.

Comfort is further bolstered with our unique three-point suspension, with our slings providing consistent support and optimum space while still retaining the safety of the patient in mind.

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