Air Conditioning Installation

Split System Air-Conditioning For Improved Comfort And Safety

While air-conditioning can be considered a luxury for most people, it represents something far more important for many Australians.

Air conditioning is often critical for people who have issues with maintaining healthy and stable internal body temperatures.

The cooling or heating options afforded by air conditioning provides the precise control and temperature management necessary to keep their body temperature in the healthy range, which can help prevent the development of serious health issues. 

When left unmanaged, inconsistent body temperatures in people at risk can quickly lead to states of hypothermia (very low body temperature) or hyperthermia (very high body temperature). These abnormal internal temperatures can then lead to issues such as muscle cramps, nausea or even hospitalisation.

Individuals who benefit from air conditioning

While many people believe air conditioning systems to be out of their budget, this isn’t necessarily the case – there are excellent subsidies in place for at-risk people to ensure that they can access these systems affordably.

For elderly people requiring care within their own home, the subsidised contributions provided in the Australian Government’s Home Care Package contributions can help provide the funds for an effective heating and cooling. 

The NDIS similarly recognises the importance of temperature regulation, and provides funding for people who have trouble regulating their own body temperature due to a medical condition. 

Why you should choose a split system air-conditioner

Unlike the extensive work needed to install ducted air-conditioning, split system air conditioners are much simpler to install in a home. Simply put, split system air conditioners work by splitting up the units, with one being inside and the other outside. Further to this, air conditioners are inverters, meaning that when the room has reached its set temperature it can regulate its output to operate at a lower power rate and maintain the desired temperature.

Cheaper installation is also complemented by a more affordable cost of the unit itself, and overall lower running costs. This is because cooling works by removing warm air and the circulation of cool air, while the air conditioners reverse cycle causes the heat pump to work in reverse. 

Running costs are lower as a result as split system air conditioners are designed to heat or cool one space. This allows people to regulate the temperature in specific rooms, rather than the entire house. If there are multiple units installed, this will also allow for the independent control of temperature, where units in different rooms can maintain different temperatures for maximum flexibility.

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* respective license numbers REC : 30453, AU: 51675