Grab Rails and other Minor Installations

Grab Rails

Grab Rails of various colours and textures are traditionally installed in the home, in areas such as toilets, showers and bath walls, they will also be seen wall mounted beside steps, on architraves, and doorways.

Stud reach rails

A Studreach rail is a safety grab rail system favoured by builders and councils alike. Inventory can be kept low due to the modular nature of the safety grab rail system. Instead of your organisation needing to stock many rails of various finishes and lengths, we can simply stock 1500mm lengths of tube and some fittings and cut the tube to whatever length is required. The Studreach rail is completely AS 1428:1 approved and can be confidently used domestically and commercially.

Non-slip surfaces

There are a number of options when trying to combat the problems associated with slippery floors. Here are a few that may be suitable for your client's situations: 

Slippery Interior Tiles: There are two alternatives in this case. We can apply a non acidic product that sits on the surface of the tile and reduces the "slipperiness" by half. This method requires continual re-treatment at regular intervals depending on the type of use the area is exposed to. The other non-slip treatment that is more durable in nature is the acid etching treatment that drastically reduces the "slipperiness" of the tiles and will not change the appearance of the tiles other than altering the gloss slightly. · · ·

Slippery Unsightly Concrete: Concrete will become slippery when a build up of fine particles of dirt occurs and moss spores are prevalent. We use a method where we kill the spores by blasting them and leaving a clean surface with greatly improved slip resistance. If left in this state the spores may build up on the concrete and start the cycle all over again. To assist in preventing this we would prepare the concrete with an acid mix and paint the concrete with a quality textured paint finish. This painted finish in available in a number of colours and will provide a long lasting, slip resistant finish with little need of maintenance other than an occasional wash with a mild soap. · · ·

Slippery Brick or Slate Surface: There are occasions where you may wish to reduce the "slipperiness" of brick work or slate. In the instance where your client is fond of its current appearance we can treat the surfaces with a clear coating that uses the slip resistance qualities of finely crushed glass particles. When the surfaces are properly prepared, this surface will offer years of maintenance free service, while retaining the good looks of stone and brick work. · · ·

Slippery Vinyl Floor: There will be situations where your clients will want to replace existing slippery vinyl flooring. The "slipperiness" in most cases will be due to the floor cleaners that have a silicone base which assists in maintaining the shine of the flooring. The trick here is to cease using this silicone based cleaner which will reduce the "slipperiness" or you may suggest to your client that there is a number of purpose designed non slip vinyl that can replace the existing vinyl whilst offering 2-3 times the slip resistance.  

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